“never be seen in the same piece twice”

Most of us* have felt this kind of pressure in some form. Research by environmental foundation Hubbub suggests that one in six young people won't wear an outfit again if it's seen on social media. I've been inspired to counteract this pressure lately by engaging conversations with the organizers of Fashion Revolution ATX , and the... Continue Reading →

Recycled Polyester – A Step Towards Circularity?

Recycled Polyester is becoming increasingly common, used by mainstream brands like Target and sustainability leaders like Patagonia. If you see the word ‘recycled’ on your clothes label, it means it’s good, “circular fashion” that’s “closing the loop” right? The short answer is yes AND no: Yes, recycled polyester is good compared to new (“virgin”) polyester.... Continue Reading →

Dots – 5 years apart

A funny thing happened when I threw on my  outfit real quick on my way out the door this morning. The top was almost new when I bought it about 5 years ago at Treasure City Thrift. It's getting pretty worn now but has held it's shape well. I found the skirt recently at another... Continue Reading →

Fixing the flaw to keep it

I love a back fastening detail, whether functional or just decorative.  I don't know why, but put a chunky zipper on the back of sweater or a row of little buttons down the back of a dress, and I want it.  I once coveted a pair of thrift store heels that had staples down the back... Continue Reading →

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